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1. Coaches will have one coach register at the registration table and will receive 3 wristbands. This coach will be responsible for giving the other coaches their bands. All bands MUST BE worn on the wrist in order to enter (NO EXCEPTIONS).

2. Players MUST wear their jersey to get into the facility. There will be NO changing allowed in the building, so be prepared to enter the gym with your uniform on.

3. There will be no team meeting or handshaking after each game. Teams will be escorted out of the gym immediately when their game is finished. Feel free to have any team meetings outdoors, but each team will be expected to leave immediately following their game.

4. If a player/coach would like to enter as a spectator, they must have their jersey on AND will be REQUIRED to wear a mask (NO EXCEPTION).

5. All coaches & players will be subject to a temperature check before entering the facility. Any temperature of 100.4, or greater, will not be allowed in the gym.

6. Home team will provide the game ball.

7. All games will be started on time to the best of our ability. Please ensure your teams are prepared to start on time, and leave right after the game, so as to keep games flowing.

8. No ball bouncing except for games & warm-up. Please do not bounce balls in the lobby, or anywhere other than what is previously mentioned.

9. Game Rules are attached. Please look and familiarize yourself with them.




1. Temperature Checks – Each person entering the facility will be subject to a temperature check. Any temperature above 100.4 will not be allowed in the building. NO EXCEPTION.

2. All attendees must wear a mask for the entire time you are in the gym. If you need a mask, there will be some for purchase at the door. Anyone caught in the gym without a mask, will simply be escorted out.

3. All spectators must get up after each game so our event staff can sanitize the benches. You will be guided to an exit near you, or you will need to stand to the side while cleaning takes place. This is after EVERY game, no exceptions.</>p

4. Admission is $20 per day. Children 5 and under are FREE. Anything over 5, pays. We do appreciate exact change, to minimize the exchange of money. Credit cards will be accepted at the gate as well.

5. Wristbands MUST BE worn on the wrist – not purse, not bag, not carried – NO EXCEPTION.

6. It’s not too late to grab a hotel room that is convenient and nicely priced for the event. We have partnered with the Hilton Garden Inn, not far from the gym, and for a great rate of $85 per night. CLICK HERE to reserve your room today!




The schedule will be out on Monday, June 29. There might be tweaks after it comes out, but it will be FINAL by Wednesday.

Download The Tip-Off Classic App to have access to the schedule when it comes out. The app is available for FREE download on Apple and Android at the following links:


As a general rule for all patrons, please keep social distancing in mind, and adhere to stay 6 feet apart as much as possible in this setting.,?

As always, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions. We are looking forward to a great tournament, and with your help in following the above guidelines, we will make it a great one!

Thanks so much for playing, and we look forward to seeing you next weekend.</>p

The Tip-Off Classic Staff

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